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BirdSpotter Photo Contest: Week 4 Winner

December 12, 2012

Congratulations to Pam Monahan from Virginia Beach, VA, our winner for the fourth week of the BirdSpotter Photo Contest!  The theme for week 4 was “at the feeder” and Pam’s Eastern Bluebird family is certainly enjoying her mealworm feeder!

POam Monahan submitted the winning photo of an Eastern Bluebird family enjoying her mealworm feeder.

Pam Monahan submitted the winning photo of an Eastern Bluebird family enjoying her mealworm feeder.

Pam says:

I mounted a bluebird nesting box just beyond my fence, facing the adjacent golf course fairway in 2011.  After a season of no bluebird nesting activity, but numerous spottings, I decided to entice them with food. I didn’t care much for the thought of live mealworms in my refrigerator, so I have been ordering freeze-dried mealworms online. The bluebirds appeared almost immediately. They would check out the box, which is hand made by a member of the Virginia Beach Audubon Society, but they were just interested in the food. The first family appeared in June 2012. Both parents came and fed two fledglings. They came every day, sometimes as a family, sometimes individually. Then, in August, a family with 3 fledglings appeared.  I have no idea if it was the same family, but I like to believe it was a second clutch. It was just the absolute sweetest experience watching them.  Sometimes the Mom would feed, sometimes, the Dad. Sometimes the parents would feed each other. This was an experience I will always treasure; being able to get a brief glimpse into the life of bluebirds. It’s a journey of life, love, and survival.

Pam is also planning on donating the bird products from her prize pack to the wildlife refuge where she volunteers – what a great idea!

The fifth week of our BirdSpotter Photo Contest, sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill is already underway! This week’s theme is “natural foods”  so we’re looking for photos of birds enjoying berries, pine cones, insects, or whatever else they find out in nature! Only one photo can be submitted per person but you can vote for as many photos as you like.  This week’s contest runs through Sunday, December 16th.

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  1. Leslie Ackel permalink
    December 12, 2012 5:23 pm

    Pam, A sweet story for a fabulous photograph! Thanks!

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