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Photo Contest Updates & Week 2 Theme

November 21, 2012

Pam Garcia’s amazing finch feeder stole the show during week 1 of our photo contest even though she is relatively new to photography. Pam bought her first SLR camera about 4 years ago. According to Pam, “I never took any classes and I was always feeding the birds and squirrels in the yard…so I started practicing with my camera on all the birds. I fell in love with it and all of the birds. I never realized how many different birds we have here in Louisiana…I started trying all different kinds of foods and every year I got more and more birds.”

Pam purchased the feeder featured in the photo from Duncraft. She writes, “I put the feeder out and about two days later we left for vacation…when I returned home the feeder was empty! I didn’t know at the time what birds had came and eaten all the food…I was so upset that I had missed whatever it was…so I filled it back up and the next morning when I got up and went out…there they were!! Goldfinches everywhere…I was so shocked and amazed. Now every year around the same time they return. On their arrival I have this feeder and three or four other types of feeders up and I usually have to fill them 2-3 times a day. I look forward to their return every year…they are a joy to watch.” Now that’s FeederWatching!

The second week of our BirdSpotter Photo Contest, sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill, starts today! This week’s theme is “shades of red”–so take your best shot of a cardinal, or other reddish-colored birds and enter to win! Only one photo can be submitted per person and the contest runs through Sunday, November 25.

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