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Featured Photo: Orioles brighten Virginia count site

February 23, 2011

Most FeederWatchers would be thrilled to host one oriole at their feeders in winter. Paulette Wickert of Suffolk, Virginia, however, averages more than 7 orioles per count! Paulette has been FeederWatching since 2005 and has always attracted large numbers of orioles to her count site. The secret? According to Paulette, “My secret is simple, I make my own suet, and I feed grape jelly and peanut butter. The orioles like the peanut butter spread on the bark of a tree. I’veĀ noticed they seem to be here more for the suet than the jelly!”

Baltimore Orioles by Paulette Wickert

Orioles regularly winter along the coast as far north as Virginia, but several individuals have been recorded at points north. Visit the FeederWatch confirmed rare bird page to see photos and read reports of orioles in unexpected places. For more information on Baltimore Orioles, please visit the All About Birds species account.

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