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American Woodcock feeding in the snow

January 4, 2011

Few FeederWatchers can count an American Woodcock under their feeders, but Claire Goldthwaite recently shared a few photos of her unusual find. Claire lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts, near the northern limits of the woodcock winter range. Following a recent snow, Claire saw this bird digging in the snow and leaf litter where she spreads bird seed.

American Woodcock in snow by Claire Goldthwaite

Soon a turkey strolled into the feeding area. According to Claire, “the turkey noticed the woodcock and got very upset – apparently turkeys hate woodcocks.  Who knew?  The turkey ran around very agitated and then entered a staring contest with the woodcock.  After a short time the woodcock blinked and got chased away.”

Wild Turkey vs. American Woodcock

The woodcock soon reappeared in a different, turkey-free area.

American Woodcock feeding in the snow.

January 28, 2011 update:

Karl and Judy Lukens of Cape May, New Jersey, recently submitted the following photo of a pair of American Woodcock feeding in the snow. For more information about woodcocks, visit the All About Birds species account.

American Woodcock photo by Karl Lukens.

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  1. November 7, 2011 12:46 pm

    What a beautiful bird! I ran into one today in NYC, on Lexington Ave. & 43rd St. He was out of sorts, looked like he’d crashed into the window of the deli he was crouched out in front of. About the size of a small hen, the Woodcock had a bloody beak and wanted to be in the corner, with his back facing the street. I brought some water and poured it over his beak, then tried to get the Woodcock to drink a few sips. He had a few sips of water, and after a few minutes, he flew away! I hope he will make it. I read that Woodcocks often fly into plate glass windows on their southward migration, perhaps thinking them to be rivers or streams they use to navigate. A lovely bird! So nice and round, with beautiful markings.

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